Le rami

Gin Rummy

Play the famous Gin Rummy card game. Draw a card, meld your cards, and try to go Gin !


Play the famous Gin Rummy card game either using a simulated opponent playing with high-level artificial intelligence or in multiplayer games with your friends (iOS only).

Very faithful to the original, all the rules are followed:
  • Played with a 52-card deck.
  • Maximum deadwood of 10 points.
  • Oklahoma Gin.
  • Straight Gin.

HD Graphics

Easy to learn, very fluid and rapid gameplay, includes animations for realistic atmosphere, with attractive design featuring two distinct graphic themes.

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A very thorough game

  • Play against a simulated opponent with advanced artificial intelligence, with many customizable rules.
  • Play with your friends in local multiplayer mode through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (iOS only).
  • Play as a pair on the same device, taking turns (iOS only).
  • Play online : Invite your friends or automatically find available players (iOS only).
EryodSoft rummy

An high-level artificial intelligence

Your opponent is playing with high-level artificial intelligence, and know the main strategies of the Gin Rummy game.
The game is then very realistic and offer a real challenge.

EryodSoft Gin Rummy

An highly customizable application

Many options on game rules and interface are available:
  • Number of points in a game.
  • Number of cards dealt to each player.
  • Points bonus for Gin, Big Gin and undercut.
  • Oklahoma Gin
  • Straight Gin

An application that will allow you to progress

A statistics section is included in the application, allowing you to monitor your performances. For beginners, a section explaining the rules of Gin Rummy is also integrated into the application.

It is one of the most popular games in the world. Loved by millions of players

Game Features

1. Many ways to play

-Rummy Points

-Rummy Pool

-Rummy Deals

There are more free experience fields

2. Picture carefully designed,Beautiful picture

3. Convenient operation, easy to get started

4. Real people battle, 100,000 people are online at the same time

5. Free download, free experience, you can get unexpected surprises in the game

6. Invite friends to get rich rewards



The conditions for refund

1. The payment is successful but not received by the player.

2. Due to app technology problems, it can not provide game services for players for a long time.

3. Due to payment loopholes, players pay repeatedly.

How to refund

1. Contact customer service via WhatsApp or email to describe the problem.

2. The customer service staff will reply you as soon as possible and actively assist in solving the problem.

3. If your problem is not properly resolved. We will initiate a refund for you.

4. Usually it will be returned to your fund account within 5 working days.

The following scenarios you can't refund

1. Recharge has arrived, and you have consumed part of it.

2. Payment time over 3 days.

3. There is clear evidence that you cheat in the game and cause harm to other players, so limit your trading.


This app is free to register. You can pay rupee in the app through bank card, UPI, wallet and other ways to obtain gold coins. Please refer to the app for specific recharge details. Pricing In order to participate in Cash Games, customer is required to maintain a positive Cash Balance in their Accounts. On recharging the account, the customer is offered virtual points equivalent to the amount that customer recharges with.

1.We confirm that no shareholding has China connection;We have no connection outside india.

2.We confirm that the games offered on merchant platform are game of skills and are not offered to customers in such states wherein even game of skills are not allowed/ restricted.

3.We confirm that we are carrying out KYC of the customer to whom the money shall be sent using Payout services.

Legal Policy

The various Supreme Court rulings and the Gaming Acts of India imply the following:

Gaming or gambling means betting and wagering on games of chance.

Playing games of skill for cash does not constitute gambling.

Games of skill are exempt from the penal provisions of most gambling acts.

Rummy is a game of skill.

So yes, it is perfectly legal to play rummy for cash on our game as long as you are not playing from the states of Andrapradesh, Sikkim , Assam, Odisha, Telangana. In these states the Gaming Laws are less clear. As we get more clarity on the laws in these states, we might reconsider offering our services to residents of these states as well.

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